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Executive Christmas Chauffeurs

Christmas is the ideal time to indulge your friends and family with an Executive chauffeur driven trip to London for your festive Christmas shopping. We offer a door to door service to take you into the heart of London in style and comfort to enjoy the festive season.


You can enjoy the sights and sounds of London in style as our chauffeur will show you around the many renowned shopping streets such as Oxford Street and Kensington High Street. Covent Garden is just one of the many festive markets around Christmastime in London where you can purchase a variety of unique Christmas gifts.

Eating and Drinking

Our Executive Chauffeur has a wealth of knowledge including the best restaurants or typical London pubs where you can enjoy a festive fayre. You can also enjoy a few festive drinks with your family and friends, safe in the knowledge that our Chauffeur will transport you home in style safe and sound.

We have a range of cars suitable for small or big parties, to create a good impression with your friends, clients or family, to kick start your Christmas preparations and ensure a successful Christmas shopping trip.

Christmas Theatre Trips

Executive Chauffeurs will take you to your favourite West End Christmas show and back home again in luxury and style in a chauffeur driven car. There are several London Theatres offering Christmas shows for all the family such as The snowman, Elf, White Christmas, Nativity and the Nut Cracker. Executive cars are efficient, professional and reliable so your trip is sure to be enjoyable.

Ensure your Christmas starts with a bang, by calling and booking with Executive Cars Leicester on 0116 3214 161 or by emailing us at

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Cruises To Suit You

view from a cruising on boardIf you’re planning on going on a cruise why not consider the following before you book, to ensure the cruise is ideal for you:

  • who’s in your party
  • what’s your budget
  • where do you want to go
  • how will you get to the seaport?
  • Who’s In Your Party

    This can determine the type of cruise, length and where you go. For example, are you looking for a child-friendly cruise operator such as Disney? What are the age groups in your party? This can impact how long you go away for and when. For example, can you only go away during school holidays because you have young children in your party? If your party members are retired, you could take advantage of last-minute offers or around the world cruises, since your schedule isn’t restricted to set dates.

    What’s Your Budget

    Cruises can range widely in price, so you need to consider your budget before booking. Your budget could limit how long you go away for, where you go and the cabin you choose. Choosing an all-inclusive cruise operator might be ideal for those with limited budgets since most cruises do not include drinks and tips so you’ll need to budget extra for these, as well as excursions and any spending money. An all-inclusive budget will give you peace of mind and ensure you don’t overspend during your trip.

    Where Do You Want To Go

    Where you want to go will, of course, impact how many days you go away for. For example, if you want to go to New York you’ll need more than a weekend to get there. If you’re limited by time you might want to consider booking a cruise which includes flights. You’ll also need to consider how to get to the seaport from your location.

    How Will You Get To The Seaport

    Getting to the seaport can prove a chore, especially for early morning departures or for large groups. You’ll need to consider when to leave, factor in multiple stopping points to pick up various members of your party and any traffic you may encounter on the way. So why not arrive in style and stress-free ready to start your holiday with a chauffeured driven ride to the seaport? Our friendly drivers can accommodate for large parties of up to 16 with plenty of room for your luggage. Alternatively, we also offer airport transfers should you book a cruise with flights.

    So make your booking today by calling Executive Cars Leicester on 0116 3214 161. Or you can email us at or fill out our contact form.

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    Corporate Sporting Events


    Corporate sporting events are ideal for businesses to help build teams, motivate staff, network and reward staff. They’re also ideal to entertain clients current or potential too. The UK hosts a wide range of sporting events ideal for all tastes, including Wimbledon, Ascot, Six Nations, Formula 1 British Grand Prix, Glorious Goodwood and the Euro 2020 qualifier. No matter what sporting event you want to attend ensure you make the right impression.

    Make An Impression

    Make the right impression for potential and current clients by projecting the right image. Organising transport is a necessity for corporate sporting events. You wouldn’t want a client to make their own way to the event and leave them to worry about traffic, parking and getting there. As a polite and accommodating host, considering an executive chauffeur service is the only way to go. Our full day chauffeur hire is flexible and available to take you where you want to go when your event ends.

    Executive Cars Leicester

    Executive Cars Leicester provide a range of vehicles for different party sizes, including for those of up to 16. In addition, all of our executive luxury Mercedes vehicles come with a CRB certified chauffeur. And you can enjoy complementarily water, newspapers and 4G Wi-Fi as we drive you in comfort and style to your corporate sporting event.

    Arrive As A Team

    Finally, ensure you arrive as a team if you’re hosting a team builder or your simply rewarding your staff with a sporting event. Our executive vehicles can accommodate large parties of up to 16. So if you need to stop off at multiple locations on the way there and back, we’ve got you covered. Because our professional chauffeurs plan your itinerary well in advance. We guarantee to get you to your event on-time every time!

    Call us today on 0116 3214 161. And you can also contact us online today with any questions or to book our services.

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