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view from a cruising on boardIf you’re planning on going on a cruise why not consider the following before you book, to ensure the cruise is ideal for you:

  • who’s in your party
  • what’s your budget
  • where do you want to go
  • how will you get to the seaport?
  • Who’s In Your Party

    This can determine the type of cruise, length and where you go. For example, are you looking for a child-friendly cruise operator such as Disney? What are the age groups in your party? This can impact how long you go away for and when. For example, can you only go away during school holidays because you have young children in your party? If your party members are retired, you could take advantage of last-minute offers or around the world cruises, since your schedule isn’t restricted to set dates.

    What’s Your Budget

    Cruises can range widely in price, so you need to consider your budget before booking. Your budget could limit how long you go away for, where you go and the cabin you choose. Choosing an all-inclusive cruise operator might be ideal for those with limited budgets since most cruises do not include drinks and tips so you’ll need to budget extra for these, as well as excursions and any spending money. An all-inclusive budget will give you peace of mind and ensure you don’t overspend during your trip.

    Where Do You Want To Go

    Where you want to go will, of course, impact how many days you go away for. For example, if you want to go to New York you’ll need more than a weekend to get there. If you’re limited by time you might want to consider booking a cruise which includes flights. You’ll also need to consider how to get to the seaport from your location.

    How Will You Get To The Seaport

    Getting to the seaport can prove a chore, especially for early morning departures or for large groups. You’ll need to consider when to leave, factor in multiple stopping points to pick up various members of your party and any traffic you may encounter on the way. So why not arrive in style and stress-free ready to start your holiday with a chauffeured driven ride to the seaport? Our friendly drivers can accommodate for large parties of up to 16 with plenty of room for your luggage. Alternatively, we also offer airport transfers should you book a cruise with flights.

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